About us

Evangelists to the core


We are members of l'Église Baptiste de Rivière-des-Prairies where we taught two sessions of Evangelism Explosion. We are also convinced that God has called us to share the Gospel of Jesus in Anjou.  -René et Sharon Frey



L'Église of RDP is excited by the dynamic preaching and vision of its new pastor, Hugo Éthier.  Sunday September 23rd, 2018, Pastor Hugo and the two other elders on the Council, Dominique Guichard and André Rousseau met with René et Sharon Frey to officially recognize  PÉVA by l'Église Baptiste Évangélique de Rivière-des-Prairies!

Sisters in mission


Jackie Charpentier is very involved in evangelism at the Church where her husband, Robert, pastored for many years in Montreal-North.  She is also committed to making Christ's name known in Anjou.  Her sister, Susie Frey (Rosemont, Mtl-N), missionnary for ten years in Bulgaria is also zealous about making disciples for Jesus by sowing the Good News in Ville d'Anjou.

More Anjou evangelist profiles

Ginette Groleau


Ginette Groleau is a member of l'Église Baptiste Évangélique de Rivière-des-Prairies.  She has been actively sharing the Gospel there for decades and also has a heart for witnessing in the next borough of Anjou.  

Jonathan Laporte


Jonathan is a member of l'Église de RDP.  He took the Evangelism Explosion course in RDP and visits in his local Church area.  Often, he also gets out to Anjou on Sunday afternoons to sow the Good News in Anjou hearts or to do follow-up.

Karine Barthélémy


Karine (1st row, 1st person on the right) lives in Ville d'Anjou and participates in a Church in the Saint-Michel area of Montreal.  But she prays for her neighbours in Ville d'Anjou and often visits with PÉVA.  Lately, Karine has been following up two young girls who put their trust in Jesus Christ.   

Reynald Fafard


Reynald (4th from the left, in a blue shirt) is part of l'Église de Montréal-Nord.  He has given many Sunday afternoons to reach Anjou residents with the Gospel.

The Jeudi family


Daniel and Dieuvela Jeudi (left) and  Wesler Jeudi (their nephew, to the left) have joined us in evangelizing Ville d'Anjou.

Daniel and Dieuvela have lived in this city, have been in the pastorate in neighbouring Pointe-auz-Trembles, and are currently members of l'Église de RdP.